Bronze on wood base with turntable. 1/3 life-size, 35" x 16" x 10". Limited edition of 35.

Price $8,400.

A FEW WORDS FROM THE ARTIST:   "FALLING IN LOVE is about surrendering to love and fearlessly connecting emotionally with our lover. The male has his feet off the ground, letting go completely and opening up to her. The female is caressing him tenderly, making him feel safe. She is flying into his arms weightlessly having shed all worldly concerns. The drapery flows around them giving voice to the emotions between them. Within the base lies a glowing pearl. From the pearl flows an abstract form, a combination of a rock and a wave, the yin and yang if you will, the feminine and the masculine. The form creates a compositional line that continous to circle around and into the focal point, their faces. 

Technically this was a complicated piece to create with the two bodies interacting. I enjoyed the challenge of making each angle engaging for the eye. I brought in models at times during the process. This sculpture is a progression from a previous sculpture "Sensuality" where the male is charming the female and leading the way. She enjoys giving herself over to him. She feels loved by him. In this following sculpture "Falling in love" the tide has turned and he surrenders completerly to her feeling safe and embraced in her arms. He feels loved by her. This is how a good relationship should be I think, we love each other and we can feel safe while vulnerable because we know we are loved and taken care of. Now this is me sharing what I felt while sculpting but having said that I hope every viewer will read into this sculpture their own story and feed of this work of art in their own personal way."   Vala Ola

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